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Maternity Session Details

To some, the idea of maternity images is as exciting as the idea of having a baby itself as you are captivated by the glow and radiance that pregnancy has bestowed upon you. To others, it is a questionable one as your body has transformed to a place you might not have imaged it ever going.

However you may feel the simple fact is this, if you don’t take the images, you will never have them and while it may be your first or your third pregnancy, each will deliver you an experience (and a baby!) that is unique to this world, and that deserves to be captured. If ever there is a time to place yourself into the hands of a professional photographer then it is now. Professional maternity photography is not the snap of an Instagram shot or a few pictures taken on a whim in your kitchen. It is working with someone who understands that certain poses will photograph better than others, that lighting is key, and with a bit of guidance, you will look as amazing on the outside as you hopefully feel on the inside.

For your session, my private studio will give you the privacy to bare as little or as much of your belly (and body) as you care to.

When should you book?

You are welcome to reserve your session any time after you have established your due date, but you will want to schedule a time between 32 and 36 weeks when you are showing enough of a full belly, but not quite ready to deliver! If you are due to have twins then we would suggest booking earlier as you will most likely be a little larger.

Beautiful black and white Maternity shot of lady laying down with a reflection

Scheduling in the earlier weeks ensures that you will have that extra mobility which is beneficial for some of the poses we would be looking for.

What to Wear

We love the full range of options that are available for today’s mother-to-be. Open and flowing or crisp and modern. Embrace looks that show your belly, and give it the definition it deserves. Try a tank, camisole or a long flowy dress that opens just above your belly bump. You can’t go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt or tank – but look for options that include a lycra bend so that they remain crisp and form flattering. Simple figure hugging looks wonderful. For jeans and pants, try for “under the belly” – it doesn’t matter if you can snap them or not. Just prior to your session, try to avoid anything tight that will leave a band mark or indentations on your belly. There is something lovely about just a plain, simple, buttoned down classic, and maybe more intimate if unbuttoned, especially if it belongs to your partner? And should you feel especially radiant, how about investigating options for maternity lingerie!

Hair & Beauty

Because this session is about showcasing your beauty and glow, why not treat it as a gift you will give to yourself and to your baby? Scheduling a hair, makeup and nail appointment prior to the session will pull together your look almost as much as selecting the perfect outfit – this is especially true if you experience skin and hair changes due to hormonal shifts. If your budget and schedule permits and you really want to go for the ultimate look then why not treat yourself to a prenatal massage to really get your glow on!

The Maternity Session takes place in my studio. The session style is up to you…it can be natural, casual, or more intimate indoors where you bare a bit more.

  • Pre-session consultation
  • 1 Hour studio session
  • Full use of maternity gowns
  • A private viewing gallery of your final edited images
  • Does not include any images (see below for packages)

For more information, to check availability or to book your session please